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Rajeh A. Abbas  – Gaza Strip – Palestine 

Improvement and Development for Communities Center (IDCO Center)

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About Improvement and Development for Communities Center (IDCO Center)

IDCO is a center of strategic studies, researches and development establish in 2014 in Ramallah City of Palestine , with its mission to stimulate community’s improvement and development as one of the most outstanding careers serving generations and their resources.
Working on the vision, IDCO philosophy is adopting a multi- developmental programs aiming at contribute in solving the community’s challenges, especially, the challenges related to community development, sustainability, food security, health, advocacy and environment conservation. IDCO will seek to achieve these programs through the implementation of consultancies, studies, researches, activities and projects as well as to stimulate positive community’s initiatives.
Furthermore and along the last eight years, partnerships and letters of agreements have been signed with a lot of international donors to implement and perform successfully distinguished studies , researches, interventions and projects included capacity building , economic empowerment , families support programs and income generating projects, agricultural and water infrastructures schemes as well as community training.

Projects by: Improvement and Development for Communities Center (IDCO Center)

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