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Abdulhadi Soliman – LIBIA

Fezzan Libya Organisation

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About Fezzan Libya Organisation

Fezzan Libya Organisation (FLO) is a grassroots non-governmental organisation, founded in 2012 and based in Sebha, Libya. Our primary mission is to foster social and economic development in the Southern region of Fezzan by engaging local communities, empowering youth, women, marginalized groups and local authorities and providing a platform for increased understanding and participation.

Our distinct expertise lies in our capability to bridge tribes and stakeholders within Fezzan, a unique strength that we’ve cultivated over the years. We also focus on redrawing southern Libya’s political, social, and economic landscape by publishing research, advocating social justice, and supporting democratic transformation.

Our key projects include enhancing community engagement with local authorities, promoting youth participation, peace-building and conflict analysis, establishing a local media platform, and training young people.

While we have yet to receive direct funding from the EU, we have experience with EU-funded projects via partnerships with international organizations such as IOM and UNDP, and as part of a MENA region consortium. We’ve observed that while these EU-funded projects have had initial positive impacts in Libya, they often lack creativity, sustainability, and adequate follow-ups to maximize their long-term efficacy. Navigating the EU funding procedures as a local Libyan NGO is challenging, but we remain committed to developing innovative and sustainable projects that align with community needs and EU’s strategic goals.

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