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Christoph Bretgeld – Netherlands


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About SkillLab

SkillLab is a software company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The company normally works with public and private actors in the areas of employment and education. Its central work focuses on building skill-recognition systems for people, jobs and education. SkillLab focuses in particular on capturing ESCO data and allows drawing meaningful conclusions from it. A core target group of users of SkillLab are people who profit from the identification of transferable skills to transition into new jobs and industries. SkillLab has been recognized by the European Commission as a winner of the European Social Innovation Competition (Skills for Tomorrow – Shaping a green and digital future) as well as one of Europe’s Top 10 deep tech scale-ups by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). Currently, SkillLab works as a partner in two active Erasmus+ KA2 (VET and Alliances for Innovation) projects and will start working on a Horizon Europe project soon (signatory phase).

Projects by: SkillLab

Project 1

Project 2

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