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Dimitra Sitareniou – Greece

EUROERGASIAKI VET center/ CMP Sports School (Department of EUROERGASIAKI)

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About EUROERGASIAKI VET center/ CMP Sports School (Department of EUROERGASIAKI)

EUROERGASIAKI VET Center is one of the biggest VET centers in Greece, with branches and offices in other countries and cities (Cyprus, Romania, Dubai) certified by the National Centre for the Accreditation of Lifelong Learning Providers (EOPPEP) as a National-level Center of Vocational Training. It has been also accredited by the International Certification Network (IQNET) with regard to the following activities: the planning, management, implementation and assessment of lifelong vocational training programs and other relevant activities as well as the management, support, and implementation of mixed training programs (Certification/Accreditation Number: QA-C-1049/13).

EUROERGASIAKI provides specialized professional certificates according to internationally recognized standards which offer : • Recognisability of qualifications in the labor market • Validation and classification of qualifications and skills (crosscutting skills, green and digital skills, ongoing programs for unemploed and employees) according to the European Skills Qualifications Framework • Broadening professional horizons and increasing access to labor market

EUROERGASIAKI also runs and owns under the same entity, the CMP sports school, the only exclusively sports private institute of vocational guidance in Greece. It has been operating in the field of football Coaching, basketball and personal training, as well as in the field of sports journalism and sports management, creating a new generation of sports professionals

EUROERGASIAKI/CMP sports school enter the 2024 Calls as a newcomer/less experienced, adding values to the EU proposals; the organization is run by staff with EU expertise and projects record

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