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 Equipo Incubadora Con Valores 

Incubadora CON VALORES

CON VALORES Network. October 19th. MatchUp©

Building a project of this international dimension is complex and requires a team with a great capacity for work, social sensitivity, global mind and madness. Little by little we are getting it.

Each of the people who form it put our bit to make this possible.

We’re waiting for you with open arms.

Team Incubadora CON VALORES

Incubadora CON VALORES

CON VALORES Network. October 19th. MatchUp©

About Incubadora CON VALORES

We are the first incubator for individuals at risk of social exclusion supported by the corporate world
We have created an innovative model where the business and social worlds meet. We address the unemployment challenge with insights from the corporate world in business creations.

We are building a global network of support and cooperation among organizations aimed at enhancing access to international funding with the goal of improving the quality of life for thousands of people.

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Projects by: Incubadora CON VALORES

Project 1 Incubadora CON VALORES: Social Cluster - Bringing together small NGOs for training in European funds

Create a web platform where social entities, consultants and public and private funders converge, promote solidarity and knowledge transfer between third sector entities and to strengthen the links between third sector entities at European level, both with administrations and with other non-profit entities in the field of social action.

Project 2 Incubadora CON VALORES: DIGINCUBATION - Developing an online platform to provide

The project aims to address social exclusion within the EU by providing business training to people at risk of exclusion, involving professionals from the business world who are sensitive to the issue and eager to help, with the aim of empowering marginalized populations, improving their economic prospects and ultimately reduce social exclusion, through the development of a digital incubation environment aimed at people at risk of exclusion, offering educational resources, mentoring and community support.

Project 3 Incubadora CON VALORES: IN STORE - Empowering self-employment for persons at risk of exclusion to provide marketing services to businesses in the small retail sector with limited resources

Provide training and support to people at risk of social exclusion to develop their entrepreneurial skills and create new businesses within the marketing sector to provide services to small retail businesses with limited resources.

Project 4 Incubadora CON VALORES: CARE FOR INCLUSION - Incubation of people at risk of exclusion to train them to care for dependent persons

Provide basic business training in care services to people at risk of social exclusion, so that they start their entrepreneurship, uniting the social and business world through the involvement of company professionals in the training and mentoring of people in risk of exclusion.

Project 5 Incubadora CON VALORES: CREATIVE CULTURE - Practical solutions to support entrepreneurship in the cultural sector of people at risk of social exclusion

The project seeks to establish a support network and provide resources so that people at risk of social exclusion can create a livelihood through entrepreneurship in the European creative and cultural sector, through the implementation of an incubation program with the support of professionals from the business world

Melquiades Lozano


Andrea Platero


Juan Carlos Pratdesaba

Head of Finance and projects

Yaiza Martos

Project Manager

Celia Martinez

Project Manager

Naiara Julián

Project Manager

Andy Cruzado

Strategic Alliances

Miguel Serpa

Strategic Alliances

Carolina Álvarez

Strategic Alliances

Susana Renjel

Head of Marketing

Blanca Carbonell

Social Media Manager


Social Media Manager

Andreina Gómez

Incubation Technician

Paula Masegosa

Incubation Technician

Florencia Maldonado

Incubation Technician

Jaime de los Ríos

Post-Incubation Manager

Paula Bernat

Human Resource

Gonzalo Calleriza

Head of Digitalization

Andrés Fernández Alonso

Partnership technician

Ferrán Alemany Parets

Internship Funding

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