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Social Enterprises

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About Social Enterprises

Social Enterprises is made up of a group of professionals from different backgrounds, both local and form migrant origin.

Our value-added is the capacity to create synergies and work together with professionals and organizations in different fields, sharing the common goal to support vulnerable groups by developing social innovation projects.

We work directly in the field of adults and youth and through our network with schools, VET centers and universities.

We promote public and the public partnerships to develop social innovation projects. We offer ongoing training and funding to support inclusive and sustainable projects.

Mission: Social and economic inclusion and improvement of the lives of people from vulnerable groups through education, training, coaching, and mentoring of career paths, within the framework of the social economy and social entrepreneurship.

We work within the framework of the social economy and social entrepreneurship:

1. Education and training: High-quality programs to develop competencies and skills of people from vulnerable groups.
The programs are inspired in those offered in the private education sector but tailored to the specific learning needs
and budgets of vulnerable groups. Our Goal: Equal Opportunities through high-quality and private like education free
and/or affordable by people with low income or no-income.

2. Coaching and mentoring: Follow-up and on-going support of the education and training programs to help learners to
consolidate the knowledge previously acquired and to create efficient paths into the labour market.

3. Set-up and management of social enterprises. We leverage on the experience, network and financial muscle of an international network of investors and entrepreneurs (Switzerland, Spain, Ireland). At Social Enterprises, we blend the above with the passion and drive to succeed of professionals from vulnerable groups
and migrant origin. As a result, we have already funded a number of projects in the social economy sector. Please see list of projects in the following page:

Vision: a lifelong learning society that offers high quality education and job opportunities to everyone, regardless of their cultural or socio-economic background.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, focusing on quality, as a consultant firm we manage the European projects department of several organisations in different fields of education and areas of expertise. They all have a proven track record, many years of experience and capacity to produce HIGH QUALITY results. Also, they are Erasmus+ new comers.

– Youth organisations
– AI
– Entrepreneurship
– Rural development
– 2 publishing companies (ideas from top sellers books can be transform in impactful Erasmus+ projects)
– Organisations focus on civic and democratic transformation
– 2 schools
– A center of teacher training in Andalucia
– Autism
– Gender and equality
– Other

Projects by: Social Enterprises

Project 1

Project 2

Project 3

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