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Maciej Dymacz – Poland

Association ARID

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About Association ARID

Association ARID is working for development and improvement of the education in Poland. We are implementing various projects in the area of Vocational Education and Training as well as School education and Adult education. Our Association has broad experience in different topics e.g. agriculture, rural development, enewable energy sources, senios education, disabled people education, suport of teachers and schoo children and many others. We have broad network of different cooperating institutions in Poland and in entire Europe as well as in other country ( e.g. Argentina). Our Association is focused on the professional development of the different target groups ( e.g. teachers) by delivering them various innovative methods and tools ( eg. robots for school education). Our association is a member of two EU networks where we share our ideas and promote our products and projects. We are willing for further development of the projects with new Partners from all over the Europe. We can offer our network and over 14 years eperience of work in EU projects as a support in development and implementation of the new ideas.

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