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Zoran Velkovski – MACEDONIA

Organization for cultural collaboration Interkultura

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About Organization for cultural collaboration Interkultura

Interkultura is a recognized and respected organization that successfully works on the needs and priorities of young people, promoting intercultural dialogue and acting at local, national and international levels.

Continuing work on developing personal and professional skills of young people and promoting intercultural dialogue.

Objectives and activities of the organization
Interkultura was founded at the end of 1997 and was officially registered at the beginning of 1998. We are currently active nationally and internationally. Our target group is young people in Macedonia. Interkultura works to promote diversity in Macedonia and Europe. Our projects are aimed at encouraging and stimulating work in the field of culture, intercultural cooperation, fighting against intolerance, nationalism and promoting youth participation. In order to fulfill its goals, Interkultura cooperates with similar civil society organizations and uses the experience gained in the implementation of projects dealing with cultural exchanges, intercultural dialogue, interreligious cooperation and tolerance.

In the last years we are working on projects that are mainly financed from Erasmus + K2 and sport. Also we are working on local level with Local Municipalities.

Projects by: Organization for cultural collaboration Interkultura

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